Investment Loans

Property Investing

This is the part that excites us. Purchasing property and building a property portfolio has historically been a popular way of growing wealth. Having equity in your home (difference between home value and loan outstanding) gives you an opportunity to take advantage of your most valuable asset and leveraging off it to build your wealth. But before jumping into buying the next property you like, it is important that you do your calculations properly to maximise your returns as an investor.

You need to have a sound investment strategy to guide you with your decisions. Here at TGF, we are able to help you find great options for your property investment.

Top reasons to invest

  • It provides regular rental income. Other investments like shares or stocks can take a while to produce profits and may involve higher risk too. In property, you may enjoy income as soon as it is ready for rental
  • Higher value in the future. Traditionally residential property gains have been good value in the long run since supply is often limited in metro markets, with ongoing higher demand
  • You can enjoy its tax benefits. Some of the expenses associated with owning a property are tax deductible
  • It offers a diverse investment. Australia has property options in different locations and states. This will allow you to choose between property in the city or suburbs, or an apartment or a house