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The process of buying a home can be stressful, but with us securing your financing, it doesn’t need to be. Because while you’re busy dealing with auctions, contracts, and negotiations, we only have one focus: connecting you to the best deal on the market, as soon as you need it.

We’re more than mortgage brokers and investment advisors — we’re strategic problem solvers; figuring out the path that will get you home safely, securely, and as conveniently as possible. We do this through an unmatchable tier ranking amongst the country’s top lenders, pre-emptive processes that keep your application ahead of the system, and a team that demonstrates strength in numbers in more ways than one.

Because figures come easily to us, and in turn home loans, investment loans, and refinancing opportunities will come easily to you.

Welcome to Connected Finance.

George Mihalopoulos George Mihalopoulos

George Mihalopoulos

Tamika Zugnoni Tamika Zugnoni

Tamika Zugnoni

Samara Floro Samara Floro

Samara Floro

Deanna Carvalho Deanna Carvalho

Deanna Carvalho

Chantell Burnett Chantell Burnett

Chantell Burnett

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