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Finding the right Home Loan is just as important as finding the right property!!

If buying your first home was exciting, buying your next home can be even more rewarding as it is most likely to be the property you would have liked to purchase initially, but did not have the capital to do so. Although you have been through the process before, ensuring your finance is appropriate is vital as it is most likely you are taking on more debt than you did first time around.

Your Connected Finance advisor will help you by:

  • Comparing hundreds of bank products from over 00 lenders and determining the loan that best suits your needs
  • Calculating your maximum borrowing capacity and working out your maximum purchase price based on the funds you have saved
  • Providing advice, specific to your situation, on whether you should buy before you sell or sell before you buy
  • Reviewing your position in terms of both equity and servicing ability, to determine if you can actually hold onto your first purchase and convert it to an investment property
  • Outlining all fees and charges associated with buying your next home
  • Guiding you through the process and providing advice from initial enquiry all the way through to settlement of the property and beyond


Why Refinance?

Many people are paying too much interest on their mortgages but are unsure whether it is worth refinancing. Or they simply don’t want to go through all the hassle for the sake of what seems like a small saving.

The truth is that refinancing can mean significant savings in repayments.

Mortgage brokers also refinance loans for reasons other than lower interest rates: they might want to get better service for their clients, a more suitable loan structure, or a deal that is better suited to their client’s changed circumstances.

The main reasons to refinance to a new bank include:

  • Your situation changes and your existing structure becomes outdated
  • Better offers in the marketplace appear which can save you money and reduce your repayments
  • You wish to tap into your equity for home renovations or future investments
  • You wish to consolidate a number of debts and improve cash flow

This is where a mortgage broker can help you make this process simple. We will help you assess your financial status and negotiate the best deal that services your needs through more than 30 lenders which will ultimately offer you peace of mind.

Investment loans

Property Investing

This is the part that excites us. Purchasing property and building a property portfolio has historically been a popular way of growing wealth. Having equity in your home (difference between home value and loan outstanding) gives you an opportunity to take advantage of your most valuable asset and leveraging off it to build your wealth. But before jumping into buying the next property you like, it is important that you do your calculations properly to maximise your returns as an investor.

You need to have a sound investment strategy to guide you with your decisions. Here at TGF, we are able to help you find great options for your property investment.

Top reasons to invest

  • It provides regular rental income. Other investments like shares or stocks can take a while to produce profits and may involve higher risk too. In property, you may enjoy income as soon as it is ready for rental
  • Higher value in the future. Traditionally residential property gains have been good value in the long run since supply is often limited in metro markets, with ongoing higher demand
  • You can enjoy its tax benefits. Some of the expenses associated with owning a property are tax deductible
  • It offers a diverse investment. Australia has property options in different locations and states. This will allow you to choose between property in the city or suburbs, or an apartment or a house

First Home Buyers

Start out on the right foot!

Buying your first home is a life changing experience both exciting and sometimes daunting. We will take out the daunting part for you by helping you find the best lender that will service your needs.

When you engage a Connected Finance mortgage broker you will be taking the guess work out of the process and save time and money by letting us do the hard work for you. We will research and present you with a product comparison and recommended lender who can offer you the services and loan that is right for you.

We are here to objectively answer all your questions, walk you through all the options and guide you through your contract to ensure your preapproval or financing is available as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Make an appointment with us today and get started on the road to your first home!

Your Connected finance advisor will

  • Understand your needs and objectives
  • Compare bank products from over 30 lenders and determine the loan that is best suited to you
  • Calculate your maximum borrowing capacity based on your financial situation
  • Outline all fees and charges associated with buying your new home
  • Research the level of first home buyer Government grant you may qualify for
  • Advise your minimum repayments and discuss principal and interest versus interest only repayments
  • Guide you through each step of the process and provide advice from initial enquiry all the way through to settlement of the property and beyond

Car Finance and Personal Loans

Need Car Finance for a new or used vehicle or a Personal Loan for a specific need (i.e. holiday, wedding) we have a dedicated specialised team to take care of this for you. Let us compare options from the leading lenders and negotiate on the one that really works for you. With our expert guidance and answers to your questions, you can feel confident about your decisions.

We Offer:

  • Car Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Car Leases
  • Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)
  • Chattel Mortgage (Commercial Car Loan)
  • Equipment Finance

We can introduce you to all the Professionals!

Financial Planning

  • When we the last time you reviewed your Superannuation?
  • Do you know what type of Personal Insurance Protection you have and what Levels of Cover you have? (i.e. Income Protection, Life Insurance, Trauma Insurance, TPD)
  • Start planning your Retirement now!


Let only the most experience Accountants look after your Personal or Business Tax needs

  • Tax Returns
  • Tax Planning & Strategies
  • BAS & Financial Reporting

Solicitor / Conveyancer

  • Only deal with the best in the Illawarra Region. We can refer you to the right person.

Pest and Building Inspector

  • We can get you access to the best Pest and Building Inspector

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