Chantell Burnett

April 19, 2022


Chantell figures that the path to better finance is paved by process; one she’s proud to shape daily. The kind to make calls that enhance our systems and take supplier calls that actualise her strategy; she keeps the team on track and our momentum ever improving.

An eye for detail and an ear for important information, she approaches her day with precision; from colour-coding documents to decoding emails and timelines. Celebrating the little wins and paying that energy forward to the rest of the team, her cultural impact is an undeniable as her operational excellence.

Task and timeline driven, Chantell thrives under the pressure of a ticking clock. Chasing and conquering her PBs, it’s her natural drive to be better that sees the company follow suit. Friendly, funny yet undeniably focussed, she can make finance seem fascinating, even to the most notable of naysayers.

With over 11 years of optimising operations behind her, Chantell keeps us on the front foot of innovation in the industry.

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