Deanna Carvalho

April 19, 2022


Deanna figures that it’s her job to give credit where it’s due, starting with her clients. A financial matchmaker, she analyses the needs of clients and pairs them to lender policies with aligned interests. Calculated by method, intuitive by nature; Deanna assesses borrowing capacity through the lens of what’s possible, not just probable.

A soft spot for first home buyers and a hard line on results, it’s guiding her clients safely through the realm of financial jargon and policy that fills and fulfills her day-to-day. The kind to explain before she acts, Deanna ensures her client’s knowledge grows alongside their portfolios — building trusting relationships that last as long as the savings that follow.

Precise, efficient, and completely dedicated; Deanna points clients in the direction that gets them home safe and financially secure, every time.

And having saved a single client $3,000 per month in interest alone, Deanna’s well within her rights to take a little credit, too.

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