George Mihalopoulos

April 19, 2022


After 24 years in the game, George figures that the right ones come naturally to him— and with performance statistics that rival industry greats, he’s the kind to bring it home for both his company and clients. Less mortgage broker more milestone maker, George has built his business with the goal of helping his clients achieve lifetime goals; pulling from years of experience, an acute industry understanding, and a vast network of supporting professionals.

Anticipating needs before being asked, investigating options long after he believes the best one has been found — it’s an unrelenting drive to improve that has defined George’s legacy. Always on, his actions extend beyond leadership; mentoring the Connected Finance team to not only follow in his footsteps but carve their own paths to success in financial service.

Professional, process driven, and dedicated to the personal touches, George pays attention to the details that pay success forward, too.

And having successfully written $46 million worth of client settlements in his first solo year, you can only imagine the figures of the collective George has grown.

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