Samara Floro

April 19, 2022


Samara figures that hard work pays off — her client’s mortgages to be specific. Learning from the best in the business, she has built a reputation within ours as one to translate complex systems into straightforward processes.

Shaving time and money off commitments is what she does best, turning deals (and her client’s financial situations) around with ease. With a schedule as coordinated as her highlighted to-do list, she breaks down industry barriers with every tick and page turn.

On the money in more ways than one, Samara knows that every minute in her role can take years off the lifetime of loans; adding not only to her sense of purpose, but sense of understanding that will eventually translate into an investment of her own.

Funny, functional, and always first to act; she’s as quick-witted as she is on the uptake.

And with a track record of creating deals in under an hour, Samara saves time and money in one.

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