Tamika Zugnoni

April 19, 2022


Tamika figures that good first impressions have lasting outcomes — and considering she was approached to join the team after tasking George and Annika to facilitate a loan, we’d say Connected Finance agrees.

While Tamika never saw herself in a role surrounded by figures, hers are less finance and more function; to-do list tick-offs, phone numbers, deal processing, and marketing statistics. As the resident admin expert, Tamika is calm in even the most challenging of circumstances.

Her natural level-headedness keeps operations sailing smooth for clients; tackling settlement setbacks and bank blockers before they even arise. With one eye on her emails and the other on socials, Tamika captures the candid with ease — creating content that truly encapsulates the Connected Finance culture (and jokes that fuel it further).

A big team player and bigger influence on the client experience; Tamika is the person behind the processes that push your loan further.

Having helped land clients seemingly impossible positions in the government’s FHLDS and laying the foundation to their new homes, it doesn’t take much to understand why Tamika has found hers, here.

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